Carrufo, Ofena, Villa Santa Lucia
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This site contains most of the information extracted from the civil records for Carrufo, Ofena, Villa Santa Lucia, Brittoli and much of Corvara and Castel del Monte for the years 1810 to 1910. It also contains information collected by myself, Sam Tomaino and numerous others for more recent data. Any additions or corrections will be gratefully accepted!

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feature 1 Hillcrest Mine, Alberta On June 19, 1914, shortly after 9 a.m., the village of Hillcrest, Alberta was changed forever. 235 men had entered the Hillcrest Coal Mine for the morning shift, but 189 did not make it out alive. An explosion ripped through the mine.Of the 189 men, 17 were born in Canada and of those only 2 in Alberta. The remainder were immigrants, the majority of whom arrived in Canada between 1910 and 1914. The men were from Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria, etc.. Many of the men listed Austria as their home county, but previous to 1914 Austria meant the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and those listed as from Austria came from Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Galicia and Bukovina. There were no miners from what is now known as Austria. Two of the 189 killed where from Carrufo. Eugenio Ciccone aged 20 and his second cousin Vito Celli aged 26. Both are buried in the mass grave in the Hillcrest cemetery

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